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5 reasons to invest in Colorado real estate now

Most times, people tend to be confused about the right investment to make. Investing money into a profitable venture is far better than just saving it in a bank account. Moreover, a lot of individuals tend to seek for the right business venture to invest in and get the best possible return. Investing is one thing: getting a return on investment is another. Some investment yields minimal or no returns on investment.

One great investment that has always stood out is real estate investment. Investing in real estate is a very profitable venture. It is currently one of the best forms of investment as your return on investment is guaranteed. The National Association of Realtors reported that foreign investment for US homes is estimated to be around $153 billion. One of the best destinations to currently invest in real estate is the US state of Colorado. Over the years, Colorado has attracted a lot of foreign investment in terms of real estate. The state of Colorado boasts of $1 billion worth of direct foreign investment in its real estate market, according to statistics from National Association of Realtors. Another great reason why you should invest in Colorado’s real estate business is the remarkable tax advantage that the real estate sector currently enjoys.

If you are struggling to make up your mind, then the following are the reasons why you should be investing in Colorado’s real estate.

  • Real Estate Value is always on the increase: Unlike most other investments, real estate investments always tend to increase at an incredible rate. Real estate value is ever appreciating, and this is what makes investing in Colorado real estate a very lucrative investment that any individual can make. For example, a house valued at around $150,000 in 2015 is set to be currently valued at about $250,000 in 2019. One significant aspect of real estate investment in Colorado is that even when housing price falls due to a recession and other adverse economic factors, the real estate market is going to recover in the shortest possible time, unlike most other investments.

  • Better Returns on Investment: When compared to other forms of investments such as bonds and stocks, real estate investment offers the investor the best returns on investment as it is hardly affected by other factors. Investing in stock does not guarantee the investor security of the stock. For example, during the global recession, the price of stock crashed across the globe, and lots of individuals lost the value of their shares. In real estate, such occurrences are almost nonexistence. The real estate market always bounces back from such recessions.

  • Valuable Asset: Unlike most other forms of investment, real estate is the best as the investment always appreciates and guarantees a nice return on investment. Stock investment tends to drop in value, leaving the investor zero or next to nothing in terms of returns on investment.

  • Tax Benefits: Investing in real estate gives investors an edge on tax benefits. Investing in Colorado real estate offers investors many benefits when it comes to tax matters such as tax deduction on interest for mortgage, insurance depreciation and even reduction in property tax. These benefits make investing in real estate worth your while.

  • Improved Standard of Living: Currently, the improvement in living standards in Colorado has led to lots of individuals migrating to Colorado. Investing in real estate means not only trying to solve Colorado’s current housing issues, but also adding more money to your account.

  • Securing the Future: Investing in Colorado’s real estate means you are securing the future as the Colorado real estate has continued to witness enormous growth in terms of housing price and rent. Between 2017 and 2018, Colorado’s real estate market witnessed an astonishing 7% increase in price of rent. If this is not the best way to secure the future, I wonder what is.

Don’t wait for too long to make a wise decision; delay might be dangerous. To find out more on how to invest in Colorado’s real estate, you can contact Top Tier Real Estate at (719) 330-5556. We will help you get the best real estate deals and guide you to make the right investment.


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