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Cheapest City in Colorado for housing

Updated: Jul 26, 2019

Currently, Colorado is listed among the top real estate investment hotspots in the country. Lots of investors are taking advantage of this real estate development in Colorado and heavily investing. Colorado has witnessed remarkable investments worth over a billion dollars in its real estate sector. Most cities in Colorado are becoming expensive to live in. Are you currently planning on moving to Colorado to take advantage of the booming economy and available jobs and you are worried about getting an affordable city in Colorado? Worry not, Top Tier Real Estate is here to make your goals and dreams of moving to an affordable Colorado city a reality.

There are so many good reasons to move to Colorado, besides the booming economy and available jobs. Colorado is a very fun state to live in, as there are lots of recreational and outdoor activities that give its residents the feeling of being on vacation. Living in Colorado allows you to explore outdoor activities such as mountain biking, camping, mountain climbing, skiing/snowboarding, and some other old fashioned yet inexpensive fun activities.

It is very easy to find cities in Colorado with affordable housing plans where you can reside and get to have some fun and adventure at the same time. The following are some affordable cities in Colorado, where you can comfortably settle and enjoy the Colorado fun in 2019.

• Fort Lupton: The city of Fort Lupton is rated as the 5th most affordable city in Colorado in terms of housing. This city is a great place that consists of a working population, with most individuals, busy with work. You get to experience so much old-fashioned fun, and it is all worth it, just as the city motto says, ‘where Tradition builds the future.’ The city of Fort Lupton has a population of about 7,800 persons, and the median home price is $174,600 as of 2019.

• Brush: Brush is the most affordable city to live in Colorado, and it comes in as the fourth cheapest city in Colorado in terms of housing. The city has continued to make significant progress in terms of economic growth as the current median income in Brush is estimated to be around $51,000. Brush is known to be a cowboy/girl’s city and has the mottos ‘Homegrown Happiness’ and ‘Yee Haw.’ You would definitely find happiness in Brush as the city is commonly referred to as the Morgan County gold star city. The median house price is currently at $130,000.

• Trinidad: The city of Trinidad comes in third. If you happen to be into recreational activities, then you are bound to fall in love with this city. You can make a side income from this lucrative enterprise. The city of Trinidad currently has a median income of about $37,000. The estimated population of Trinidad is currently at around 8,000 persons, and the little city has a median home value of $ 125,000.

• Sterling: The great city of Sterling takes the number 2 spot as the second cheapest city in terms of housing value in Colorado. Sterling is located in Logan County Colorado and has a median income of about $38,000. The city of Sterling has a population of about 14,000 persons and a median home value of about $121,000.

• Lamar: The city of Lamar takes the lead as the cheapest city in Colorado in terms of housing with a median house value of $80,000. Yes, it’s not an error. The median home value in Lamar is currently at $80,000, with the median income being at $38,000. The annual property tax in Lamar is currently at $495, while the annual homeowner's insurance is at around $363, and the average annual mortgage payment is about $3,662.

If you plan on moving to Lamar or want to take advantage of the recreational activities in Trinidad or want to settle in any of the other cities above, then Top Tier Real Estate can be of great service, as they are ready to give you excellent services and make the move worth your while. Feel free to contact Top Tier Real Estate at (719) 330-5556.

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