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Colorado Land Deals Abound!

Colorado is full of wonderful land deals. Colorado arguably offers some of the prettiest natural settings anywhere in the United States. And the wildlife is amazing! However, getting land in Colorado to build your dream house or any structure can be a difficult task without the assistance of a real estate professional. Top Tier Real Estate can help you locate the perfect land for your project. Our seasoned real estate experts are knowledgeable about Colorado land and other real estate investments in the state. They can advise prospective investors on the pros and cons of a particular location.

Making a land deal in Colorado can be complex, but working with Top Tier Real estate can make it easy for you to purchase land.

Our professional Realtors can help guide you in:

• Financing: If you aren’t in a position to pay cash for your Colorado land, financing becomes a major consideration.

• Environment: This becomes a critical factor in deciding whether to go on with a land deal or not. Colorado is known to be a rock and mountainous area and as such, most parcels of land in Colorado can be regarded as mountain land and as such very necessary to make a proper analysis of the environmental factors such as:

- Water Quality: Considering the water quality is very important as it would be wrong to have your dream home and suffer water deficiency.

- Soil: This is another environmental factor to consider before making a land deal. Before you receive a building permit, a soil engineer will need to test the soil. Some reasons why soil type is tested include to find out if the land parcel is considered wetlands. It is also important to get an expert opinion if it is safe to build your intended structure on such land Soil type and compression come into play. Having a good soil engineer to help access the soil and provide expert opinion and possible measures for issues like a landslide, drainage, expansive soil and so much more.

• Survey: It is very important to carry out a necessary survey on a parcel of land to determine true boundaries, possible encroachments, easements, etc. Carrying out a survey reveals certain factors that might not have been visually noticed.

• Utilities: It is also important to find out more about the availability of utilities in the chosen location. Utilities such as electricity supply, gas supply, availability of community sewer, phone and internet and host of others. Finding out about these factors help you make necessary arrangements for them and to properly access costs and fees for all necessary and desired utilities.

• Access: Another important consideration before closing a land deal in Colorado is accessing your property, during winter months accessing property might be difficult. The technical term for this in ingress and egress. It is important to find out if the area receives snow removal and road maintenance services. And will you as a potential land owner be liable for all or a portion of the road maintenance? It is also important to find out the time frame in accessing various amenities such as the airport, restaurants, the park, and others. Colorado has lots of mountains and navigating around can prove a bit difficult depending on the weather.

• Home | Land Owner Associations: It is important to find out if there is the existence of home | land owner association. If the home | land owner association exists, it is important to study their governing documents and find out, if they are rules you can adapt to.

Purchasing a piece of land can require detailed knowledge, research and assessment. When you have the right real estate agent who is experienced by your side, the process becomes easier. For the best land deals in the state of Colorado, contact Top Tier Real Estate at (719) 330-5556.

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