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Luxury Real Estate in Colorado

When it comes to owning a home, certain individuals want a dream home that exhibits a particular class and shows off the personality of the home occupant. Luxury homes display affluence and wealth and can be found all over the United States. Some neighborhoods known for luxury homes in the United States include Beverley Hills, Santa Monica, Pacific Palisades, Malibu, Holmby Hills, Los Angeles, Silicon Valley, and many more. One distinctive feature of these luxury real estate properties is the cutting-edge architectural design used in building these homes and also the advanced technological gadgets and designs used in the homes.

The state of Colorado, which is becoming a great real estate destination, is not left out of the luxury real estate trend. Colorado is a top tourist destination in the country and as such, has lots of fascinating landmarks and views. Also, Colorado boasts of spectacular mountain ranges, Ski resorts, and much more. It should not come as a surprise to you then, that Colorado also has a lot of luxury homes tailored to suit the needs of the affluent who can afford them. Some of these luxury real estates are custom built to meet every need of the owners. Colorado has a breathtaking landscape, and most of its luxury real estate is nestled between beautiful mountains and canyons.

Another factor that makes the luxury real estate market in Colorado unique is the presence of Luxury ranches. There are several remarkable luxury ranches in Colorado; this adds beauty to Colorado’s luxury real estate.

The following is a list of some of Colorado’s luxury real estate properties.

• 155 and 200 Sabin Drive, Aspen: This luxury real estate is located in the ‘Billionaire Mountain’ in Aspen, Colorado. This property occupies six acres of land, and measures an astounding 18,000 sq., and was built in 2010. It is popularly referred to as ‘the summit house.’ The property offers a great view of Colorado’s rocky mountains through its fantastic floor to ceiling glass windows. The property boasts of an amazing 4,150 sq. ft. guest house. The property is currently valued at $65 million.

• 115 Francisco way, Telluride, Colorado: This property is owned by one of the greatest actors of all time, Tom Cruise. The Mission Impossible actor is among the luxury homeowners in Colorado. Standing at 10,000 sq., the property was originally built in 1990 and has witnessed several updates ever since. The property boasts of a private elevator, a helipad, and 1,600 sq. guest room. The property sits on 289 acres with a current market value of $59 million.

• 1000 1220 Watson Divide Rd, Snowmass Colorado: This luxury real estate consists of seven bedrooms and was built in 2017. This property is strategically located to give an amazing view of the capital peak, Mountain Sopris and Mountain Daly. What better view can one possibly ask for? Want to have a feel of the beach, no need to leave the property as it boasts of a private beach. This property sits on an incredible 876 acres and has a current market price of $58.5 million.

• 2900 w Buttermilk Rd, Aspen Colorado: This beautiful piece of property was built in 2006, and it features a private ski run. You don’t need to leave the property to go Skiing, is that not amazing? The property is located in Aspen, the home of luxury real estate in Colorado. The 15, 664 sq. home has a vehicle maintenance center and also a private pub. The property sits on 61 acres of land and is worth about $50 million.

• 41 Popcorn Lane Aspen, Colorado: This fantastic property gives you a beautiful view of the Roaring Fork River. It consists of five bedrooms, a walk-in wine room, and other amazing features. The property sits on 4 acres of land and is currently valued at $39.5 million.

There are lots of spectacular luxury real estate properties in Colorado, and you should not be scared of the prices of the above-listed properties. You can still get fantastic luxury homes in Colorado at fair prices as from $1,000,000 depending on your budget. Make sure to contact Top Tier Real Estate at (719) 330-5556 to help you get amazing luxury homes in Colorado.


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