• Nicole Happel

Memorial Day Gratitude

At Amy's closing Friday

Memorial day weekend seems the perfect time for a closing with this dear lady. Amy and her family have paid the ultimate price for our freedoms as Americans. I met Amy and Justin in 2013 when they came to Colorado Springs to buy their first home. He had just returned from the war in Iraq, where he had sustained some serious injuries when an EOD exploded not far from where he was standing. I remember the deep scars on his legs. But overall at that time he seemed OK, at least to me A few years later Amy called and asked for help in selling that house. Why so soon? It turned out Justin’s war injuries had worsened. His body had weakened so much that he had started sleeping on the main level in a hospital bed, one of those where the mattress inflates and deflates to prevent bedsores. We never did get that transaction closed. You see, Justin passed away before the closing. We took it off the market. Fast forward to today...There I sat at today’s closing with this courageous woman. At times she cried. After all, it was the home she and Justin bought together. We talked about how much it meant to her girls knowing their home was going to a fellow veteran, someone who would truly understand the hardships military families face. Amy and her girls have made a great sacrifice for our country. It’s an honor to know her. You have touched my heart more than you know.


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