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Thunderbirds and Real Estate Market Both Up!

Look up on May 30th to the Air Force Thunderbirds Demonstration!

The USAF Thunderbirds Demonstration takes place over Falcon Stadium immediately following the graduation ceremony. The team is comprised of selected pilots assigned to demonstrate the coordination, discipline and flying ability that combat-capable pilots require to fulfill their vital role in our nation’s defense.

The best views of the show are in the North end of town, especially in the Northgate area. Find a parking lot, park your car and look up! It’s spectacular. One of the many local traditions we enjoy here in Colorado Springs.

Want to know how our local real estate market is doing this year? Here are recent statistics as of April 30th:

Sales of Single-Family Homes - almost the same as last year

Sales of Condos/Townhomes - down (4.8%) from last year

Average Sales Price S/F Homes - $355,544 up 4.8% over last year

Average Sales Price Townhomes - $234,987 up 6.3% over last year

Total Active S/F Homes for Sale - up slightly, 3.1% over last year

Total Active Townhomes for Sale - up 17.2% over last year

Overall, our market activity is about the same as last year at this time. Home sales are strong. Prices continue to rise. Sellers have the advantage with less inventory, meaning homes for sale, to compete with. We still see many new folks moving to Colorado Springs, both from Denver and from other states. Why wouldn’t they want to move here? It’s a great place to live.

As you have seen, I recently moved to a different real estate company. I am no longer with Springs Homes. I am now with TOP TIER REAL ESTATE CO.

Look for my new signs around town.

My first sign in the ground!

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